Shower freshener hair trend as next
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Shower freshener hair trend as next

shower fresher hair trend next

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Lately, we had dropped to a new level that looked natural and was not damned due to nude make-up techniques, Normcore fashion and body-positive culture. Hair styling trendsetters had nothing to do but join the club. So, follow the trend to shower-fresh hair – a logical continuation of natural beauty philosophies and “the less is more” mantras. Choose effortless, wind-swept surfer waves for a laid-back lifestyle and the glamorous wet effect à la Kim Kardashian for the alter-ego of your femme-fatale. This article collects all the essential tips and inspirational images you need to follow such a great trend!

Theory and Practice of Shower Fresh Hair Styling

To create a truly fashionable wet hairstyle, you should apply special oils to your hair , Sea salt spray, modeling paste or wet styling gel. These magical products will make your hair more manageable and tame. The next step is styling: make twists or braids, brush your hair back or in a deep side parting, wear hair or invisible hairpins. You are the boss here! Let’s go straight to amazing examples of how to get wet hair right!

# 1: Brushed Locks

We’ve already suggested trying out classy, ​​non-divisible hairstyles. Actually, they are extremely sexy and beautiful with a wet texture. Add smoky eyes, bright highlights and an evening gown – you’re ready to attend the most luxurious events.

# 2: Perfect Mess

This wash and go hairstyle is quite simple, but has an eye-catching effect, especially with futuristic make-up. The sea salt texture helps to create an effortless casual style. Leave separate strands on the face and secure the remaining hair with the help of hairpins.

# 3: Messy Updo

Enchanting, random and effortless hairstyles emphasize our natural beauty and our inner beauty Sense of style. It’s a great idea for walks, meeting friends and busy days. Secure this elegant plaited crown with invisible hairpins and a firm hold.

# 4: Cosmic Twists

Little sweet buns or twists are at the height of popularity among progressive hairdressers and hairdressers celebrities. Also, this hairstyle fits in with the concept of the shower fresh trend and can become your new life-changing party idea for this bright and promising season.

# 5: Slender Roots and Lush Ends

Make contrasts Make your look more interesting, attractive and eye-catching. This hairstyle is built on an extravagant combination of inappropriate elements, making it extra chic and glamorous. Gell your roots. Then, backcomb the ends with a comb or tease brush.

# 6: Pony with a Nude Ribbon

You can also treat your wet, textured hair with a sweet twist with a nude ribbon or Wrap ribbon. Do not be afraid to leave separate strands on your face – this will give your style a charming disarray and naturalness.

# 7: Deep Side Part

Shiny, wet-looking hair is the perfect Base for sexy and sensual, supple hairstyles. Choose low buns, braided halos or French twists for any special occasion, and you’ll get all the compliments. Use delicate gels for the most natural effects.

# 8: Surfer Waves

The concept of casual hairstyles was also influenced by the inspiring shower-fresh trend. Now you can feel like a surfer, with seductive wind-styled waves and a sweet mess on your head. This idea is suitable for all hair lengths, types and colors. Feel the freedom of natural beauty trends!

# 9: Twisted Pony

This is a more glamorous version of shower-fresh fashion – for city princesses and creative personalities. Make a high twisted ponytail and gel your baby hairs to add some not obvious wet effect. This hairstyle may look casual or festive, depending on outfits or accessories you choose.

# 10: Wet Strands

If you do not want to look completely wet, watch out for these compromise solution. Braid your hair and apply some gel to separate strands around your face. With this fashionable hack the whole hairstyle will look more stylish and expressive.

# 11: Sexy locks on your face

Remember this beautiful hair idea to enrich your arsenal of the right date night hairstyles. Thanks to the smart wet effect achieved with a gel and a modeling paste, this hairstyle will shine throughout the night. Keep your balance wet so you do not look like a wet kitten because you’re supposed to be Kim Kardashian.

# 12: Moist Curls

Little sweet curls can get wet and you to make the queen of every party. Try this idea before complaining that your hair is so disobedient and hard to tame. By the way, massive golden earrings work as a time machine in this situation. Wear them and say hello from the 80s!

# 13: Hochbrötchen

The wet effect can also tame afro structured hair. If you want to create a supple hairstyle, apply some gel or mousse and make a high hair bun. Such buns are popular, fashionable and sexy.

# 14: Short Straight Hair

To recreate this idea at home, brush your hair back when wet, wear it Apply a little modeling mousse and roughly dry your hair with your fingers instead of a brush.

# 15: Messy Shower Fresh Hairstyle

This amazing hair texture can be easily achieved with the help of a sea salt spray – the best hair product of the last year. Such a messy but austere hairstyle can be considered as fundamental because it is suitable for office, rest day walks or any special occasion.

# 16: Wet, no part

If If you want to look like Kim Kardashian’s sister, you should try on this amazing hairstyle. It would be a perfect solution in case you want to be in the limelight. Use Proof Gels or Mousse to create a natural wet hair effect.

# 17: Wet Hair, Anyway

Effortless hairstyles with a wet effect are the best when You are in a hurry in the morning and want to avoid blow drying. Optionally, at the end of the day, all rubber bands can be removed and you can enjoy a nice, flowing style with a wet effect.

# 18: Side Twisted Braid

Here’s one of the best Hairstyles for wet hair, to let it dry naturally. This twisted braid also serves as a heat-free curler. Try to turn it up in a few hours and you’ll be amazed. So remember this practical and extremely charming wet hair idea!

# 19: Wet and Asymmetrical

Bob’s and short-cut hairstyles get wet this season as well! Apply some gel to your hair shortly after the shower and sculpt the hairstyle with a comb or your fingers. This spirit of grunge 90s makes your day. And do not leave your leather jacket at home!

# 20: Aristocratic Midsection

If you want to stay cool while meeting the office dress code, this wet hairstyle can serve all purposes. Medium graduations can refine any face and make any outfit more elegant and glamorous. Obey rules that will remember who you are!

Now you can experiment with the trend for shower fresh hair and discover new facets. There’s a whole other side to your natural beauty!

Shower freshener hair trend as next

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